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*** This is General Advice Only ***

Our insurer will provide you an insurance quotation (where eligible) and policy covers for a limit of liability no less than AUD$20M for Public and Products Liability.

This is a common standard/minimum limit of liability requirement across many industries and with many government bodies within Australia i.e. your local council.

Electing to insure your Public Liability exposures for less than AUD$20M could potentially lead you to be significantly underinsured in the event of claims, i.e. an accidental death/permanent disablement at your location.

These types of claims, although rare, can result due to complete or partial negligence/liability, can be ongoing for a significant amount of time (i.e. years) and can incur significant costs, greatly exceeding AUD$5M or even AUD$10M.

If you are underinsured when incurring a claim of this nature against you, you may also potentially be held personally liable for the excess costs beyond your limit of liability/insurance covers, meaning you may be forced to sell your personal assets or face potential bankruptcy following claims of this nature.

To best protect you and your family, we at COA have worked diligently with our insurance representative OTTA Insurance to obtain a cost-effective and exclusive COA Member only insurance solution, which may further meet the requirements of your campground operations.

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Important: It is always suggested that you consult your Policy Schedule, Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) & all other documentation to ensure your insurance covers are suitable for you needs.

If you require tailored advice relating to your covers, you can contact Ryan Sharvell @ OTTA Insurance, Authorised Representative of the Sphere Insurance Group AFSL 478959.

Ryan Sharvell

General Insurance Broker

M: 0482 696 754

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Ryan Sharvell T/As OTTA Insurance ABN 90 881 977 332 AFSL AR 1298362 is an Authorised Representative of Sphere Insurance Group ABN 95 605 842 117 AFSL 478959.