COA Campground Insurance Program

We are very proud to announce that the COA Group Insurance Program (GIP) has been secured, which includes a 'master' insurance policy held by COA, which notes participating campgrounds (caravan parks and private parks) within the policy and each campground applies for and receives their own $20M policy and summary schedule.

Another benefit of the COA GIP is that members can optionally include guided motor vehicle (4WD and SSV/ UTV) activities, which hold full road registration, conditional registration or recreational registration. This means campgrounds that are based on larger land holdings can also organise tours of their property and or the surrounding areas.

To access the COA GIP, campgrounds must purchase Campground Membership with COA. Membership requires all campgrounds to go through an accreditation process to be health and safety compliant with the relevant State/ Territory Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act. This is is a mandatory requirement of the insurer!!

The COA Campground Membership process is as follows:

  1. Register your interest in COA Campground Membership by completing the Campground Membership Interest form;
  2. We’ll send you the COA Insurance Proposal Form to complete and return to us;
  3. While our insurer is working on getting you a quote, you’ll need to complete the COA Campground Membership Application; 
  4. Once membership is approved, COA will send you a link to the COA WHS Audit which you’ll need to answer the questions online. Photos and videos of the campground must also be submitted; 
  5. The COA WHS Officer will review the audit, photos and videos and make any recommendations to be completed by you;
  6. The COA WHS Officer and or Assistant will visit and perform a physical WHS Audit of your campground;
  7. The COA WHS Officer will review and once approved, will provide you with the COA Emergency Management Plan (EMP), which includes risk management and education for the campground owner/ manager for its immediate and ongoing use. The EMP is a mandatory requirement of the insurer;
  8. Each Campground accredited with COA will undergo a quarterly inspection to ensure ongoing compliance.

Coverage in the COA GIP includes Public Liability with a limit of $20M, Care Custody and Control of $100K. Excess payable by the Campground Member is $1,000. The COA GIP permits more than one campground on a property.

Campgrounds Definition:

Campgrounds are defined as an area contained within a property that is usually divided into a number of camping pitches or sites, where people can camp overnight using tents, campervans or caravans. There may be multiple campgrounds contained within the one property.

Ready to take the next step? Please register your interest in COA Camp Owner Membership by completing the Campground Membership Interest form.

COA works in partnership with its insurance broker OTTA Insurance ABN 90 881 977 332 AFSL AR 1298362, which is an Authorised Representative of Sphere Insurance Group (SIG) ABN 95 605 842 117 AFSL 478959. OTTA Insurance have worked tirelessly to find an Australian insurer that could provide cover for landowners that permit camping on their property.